Current Students

Sandra Koenigseder, PhD 2020-
Primary supervisor: Tim Barrows

Lily Sheridan, MRes 2019-2020
Co-supervisor: Stephen Wilson

Maria Paula Perez-Peña, PhD (UNSW) 2019-
Primary supervisor: Scott Kable (UNSW)

Jhonathan Ramirez Gamboa, PhD 2019-
Primary supervisor: Clare Murphy

Neil Page, PhD 2018-
Co-supervisor: Stephen Wilson

Daniel Saeed, Honours 2020-2021
Co-supervisors: Clare Murphy, Scott Chambers (ANSTO), Alan Griffiths (ANSTO), Alastair Williams (ANSTO)


Sam Limbrey, Honours 2019-2020, now research assistant at University of Wollongong
Jesse Greenslade, PhD 2015-2019, now researcher at Bureau of Meteorology
Beata Bukosa, PhD 2015-2019, now postdoctoral fellow at NIWA, New Zealand
Max Desservettaz, PhD 2014-2018, now Technical Research Specialist at Climate and Atmosphere Research Center, Cyprus Research Institute
Kate Sneesby, Honours 2018, now English teacher in South Korea
Emma Nguyen, Summer Research Fellow, 2018, now Honours Student at University of Wollongong
Neil Page, Masters of Research, 2017, now PhD Student at University of Wollongong
Jordan Capnerhurst, Honours 2016, now Air Quality Monitoring Officer at NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Kaitlyn Lieschke, Honours 2015, now Senior Scientist (Atmospheric Research) at NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Iris Dion, Research Assistant 2016, now Postdoctoral Fellow at Aerology Laboratory in Toulouse, France
Christopher Roulston, Research Assistant 2015, now at CSIRO
Matthew Rees, Summer Scholar 2015-16, now PhD Student at University of Melbourne